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Activities around Congress

Immerse yourself in a multitude of engaging and interactive activities thoughtfully curated to ensure your experience at this year’s Credit Congress is truly unforgettable! Amidst the buzz, be sure to find moments of Zen to rejuvenate and center yourself.


Location: Expo Hall
Time: During Expo hours

Sticky Wall

Location: Outside Congress Central
Time: Duration of conference

Exhibitor Solutions Hub

Location: Expo Hall
Time: Monday and Tuesday – During Expo hours

eNews Desk

Powered by BlackLine
Location: Expo Hall
Time: During Expo hours

Headshot Pop-up

Brought to you by NACM Scholarship Foundation

Location: Expo Hall – Booth 126
Time: Monday, June 10 – During Expo hours

Let’s Get Social!

Location: Expo Hall – Booth 119
Time: During Expo hours

NACM’s Let’s Glow! Closing Night Party

Let’s Glow! We celebrate our final night of the conference with a glow party. Wear your brightest neon attire, bring your craziest glow item and let’s show the City of Lights how it’s done!

Location: Octavius Ballroom
Time: Wednesday, June 12  [6 – 10 p.m.]

Silent Auction

Location: Expo Hall
Time: Monday [ 5- 6:30 p.m.] during Beer & Browse

Zen Den

Brought to you by Handle

Location: Calabria (Expo/Pool Level)
Time: Sunday thru Tuesday