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Dear Delegates,

To foster a more collaborative environment as you plan to attend this year’s conference and as we prepare to receive you, we have created a Marketing Toolkit.

The Toolkit we hope encourages active involvement in socializing your participation and the fostering of meaningful connections. We are excited to have you as our Partners in Promotion for all future Credit Congresses!

Click on any item below to expand information.

Promotional Banner Ads

Place these on your website, social media page, blog or newsletter to promote NACM’s Credit Congress!
Link the banner to: or

Promotional Badges

Use these badges in social media posts and get the word out about your participation at Credit Congress!

Email Signature Graphics

Get this easy-to-use email graphic for your team to place below their email signature.

Social Media

Let’s get social! Share Credit Congress event notifications, updates, activities, and links to NACM’s and Credit Congress’ Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn accounts. We recommend using the 300×250 banner with your posts.

Hashtag suggestions:
#NACMCC24, #creditcongress2024 #NACMcreditcongress, #NACM, #creditcongressexpo, #ARAutomation, #AIandcredit, #crediteducation, #creditmanagement, #accountsreceivable, #riskmanagement, #ordertocash, #creditandtechnology, #extracredit, #businesscredit

Advertising Opportunities

Business Credit magazine is the premier magazine for those responsible for extending business and trade credit and overseeing risk management for their companies. The magazine will keep you up-to-date on cutting-edge trends and significant legislative, bankruptcy, business ethics, trade finance, asset protection, benchmarking, and scoring issues—the credit issues that affect your business. Whatever you’re searching for in the world of credit, Business Credit magazine is where you’ll find it.