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Leadership Workshop

We are pleased to offer an Executive Leadership Workshop during Credit Congress featuring facilitator Dr. Jeremy Graves.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, adaptability and resilience are paramount for organizations and leaders to thrive. This workshop aims to equip teams and leaders with the essential tools and strategies to navigate change successfully, and will empower participants to embrace change, build a change-oriented mindset, and foster a collaborative environment to lead their teams through transitions effectively.  In addition, we’ll explore the dynamics and strategies of leading and building a multi-generational team, to help embrace a new viewpoint while strengthening your approach and capacity to lead effectively. The workshop will be based on several of Dr. Graves’ writings, including on his book, The Leader Paradox. We’ll learn practical ways to serve and build healthy teams in your organization and how to create a culture that puts people first.  You will not only revolutionize the way you lead, but also develop life-long principles for effective living through serving and influence. (Participants will also be given copies of two of Dr. Graves’ books.)

Tuesday, June 11 workshop sessions:
33038.  9:00-10:30am
33048.  2:00-3:15pm
33058.  3:45-5:00pm
Wednesday, June 12 workshop sessions:
33068.  8:30-10:30am
33078.  10:30am-Noon
33088.  2:00-3:00pm
33098.  3:30-4:30pm

The workshop session times correspond with the regular agenda timeslots.  Participants are encouraged to attend all seven segments to maximize on their engagement, networking and reflection with other participants. Those attending all segments will receive a certificate of attendance upon conclusion. (Delegates may opt to attend other conference sessions on Tuesday/Wednesday, however the certificate will be given only to those attending in full.)  

Please note that an additional fee of $399 is required to attend any of the workshop sessions. Space is limited to the first 50 registrants.

About Jeremy…

Dr. Jeremy Graves DTL is a generational strategist, professor, author, speaker, and leadership coach. Jeremy capitalizes on his training in transformational leadership and over twenty-five years of leadership experience in the classroom and in life and business, to offer organizational leaders an alternative to effectively leading their teams. He believes that encouraging leaders to feel comfortable in their own skin is the first step in developing healthy, wholistic leaders and teams. When leaders function from a place of wholeness, it allows their teams the best opportunity to flourish. Jeremy has spent the last 25 years in leadership positions both in the business and not-for-profit communities. His expertise around culture and generational synchronicity gives him a unique perspective on leadership development.