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General Session keynote speaker

Meet our 2024 General Session keynote speaker,

Shawn Kanungo

As a globally recognized innovation strategist and bestselling author, Shawn Kanungo works at the intersection of creativity, business, and technology. He spent 12 years at Deloitte working closely with leaders to help them better plan for the opportunities associated with disruptive innovation. Mr. Kanungo draws on his extensive experience to provide audiences with an optimistic roadmap for the future; one that embraces unexpected approaches to innovation to remain competitive and relevant.

Since leaving Deloitte, Mr. Kanungo has led complex projects incorporating artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, behavioral economics, Web3, and more. Today, Mr. Kanungo is a Partner with Queen & Rook, where he advises leading organizations and executives on disruptive trends and invests in early-stage ventures.

Mr. Kanungo is the first innovation expert to have a streaming special, released on Apple TV and Prime Video in August 2023. It complements and shares the name of his bestselling debut book, The Bold Ones, a playbook for individuals to become bolder and push their careers and organizations forward.

A prolific content creator, Mr. Kanungo’s content on innovation has garnered millions of views across LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. He’s been recognized by Edify magazine as one of their “Top 40 Under 40” and was called the “best virtual keynote speaker I’ve ever seen” by Forbes in 2021.

Shawn Kanungo will join us in the NACM booth in the Expo Hall following his presentation. Be sure to purchase his book in Congress Central and visit the booth to have it signed.