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About NACM’s Secured Transaction Services:

Managed by construction credit professionals for construction credit professionals, NACM’s STS team takes pride in handling your projects. We’ve invested not only in automation but also in our team because we believe there’s no better algorithm than our knowledge as we sift through the finer points of whether a transaction will uphold the scrutiny of opposing counsel when proving that a transaction was completed timely and accurately.

Our pricing is competitive, and, we don’t upcharge for common things like incomplete information, priority fees, rush charges or large projects. Our price includes the support of experienced construction credit professionals, who verify your project’s address to confirm ownership, making sure your notice gets to where it needs to be so that you’re secured. Whether you are a Lien Navigator-only subscriber, leverage our expertise to file NTOs, Lien, Bond and Foreclosure claims or UCCs, the STS Team is available to help and to answer your questions throughout the entire complex process.

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