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About Confirmation:

Confirmation, now part of Thomson Reuters, is the digital platform and global network trusted by audit firms, banks, law firms, mortgage QC auditors and credit managers to quickly and securely verify financial data. Confirmation invented electronic confirmations nearly 20 years ago and continues to bring innovative products, like its credit inquiry solution, to market. Today, Confirmation helps 1.5 million users across 170 countries confirm more than $1 trillion in financial data every year.

  • Confirmation is already used by more than 4,200 credit managers and is home to a network of more than 1,000 banks, including 50 of the top 100 banks in the USA.
  • Nearly 90% of our customers have reported increased confidence in responses to bank references.
  • Confirmation’s security safeguards exceed industry standards. It also keeps customer data safer than it would be if it were faxed, emailed or given over the phone.

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