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#1 Reason to Attend: Unsurpassed Education Sessions

FCIB @ Credit Congress offers a dozen compelling and relevant educational sessions from which you may choose. Ranging from the fundamentals to more sophisticated, challenging subjects. Based on your experience, interests and goals, tailor a conference agenda that is most applicable and affords the greatest return to you and your company.

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Sunday, June 14


New!  29017. Pre-conference Workshop: Letters of Credit
Most exporters will use letters of credit (LCs) at some point in their business. LCs should be simple and effective payment tools, but experience reflects a different scenario. Most exporters encounter payment frustrations and delays due to incorrect/discrepant documents being presented to banks for payment. This workshop will reveal the major causes of discrepancies and the 10 critical factors that exporters must manage or control in order to avoid this problem. It is a must if you want to reduce your frustrations, DSO and costs when using letters of credit, and you care about improving cash flow and profitability. Empower yourself to improve your letter of credit skills and outcomes!
There is an additional cost to attend this workshop. A continental breakfast and a boxed lunch are provided.

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Monday,  June 15

29022. INCOTERMS 2020: What Changes Were Made, Why You Should Care and What Every Exporter Must Know
Speaker: Chip Thomas, American Export Training Institute
New INCOTERMS rules were implemented on January 1, 2020. This session will review all of the important changes, common confusion when using INCOTERMS, and the importance of incorporating terms consistently in all contracts associated with a transaction. The new INCOTERMS are designed to help users select the most appropriate term for their transactions.

29033. The Other Races: Balance of Economic Power Globally
Speaker: Chris Kuehl, PhD, Armada Corporate Intelligence
It is not just the US elections that will matter. There are races to be decided yet in 2020 and the aftermath of the races that took place in 2019. Who runs Germany, Canada, Italy, Britain and Argentina? Who will emerge the winner in Poland, Iceland and Greece and will that matter? What connection is there between the global growth slowdown and the rise of economic populism?

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Tuesday, June 16

29042. Doing Business in China
Speaker: Dan Harris, Esq., Harris Bricken
China is the second-largest economy and has one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world.  If Chinese companies aren’t part of your international portfolio, they may be in the future. But credit managers who are selling into China for the first time often find it to be legally complex and culturally frustrating. This session will provide the tools for international credit managers to navigate and understand selling into the “Middle Kingdom”.

29052. 2020 Vision: The Global Debt Problem and Public Company Risk
Speaker: Jerry Flum, CreditRiskMonitor
Global debt is higher than it's ever been, driven by historically low-interest rates. Risky industries like retail, oil & gas and printing & publishing make headlines daily and are even riskier now than they were at the start of the Great Recession. In fact, more companies are likely to fail in the 12 months of 2020 than when the Great Recession first began in late 2007. And as this benign credit cycle continues, the debt problem grows even larger. History indicates that a spike in defaults is coming. It's a global crisis for sure, but the United States is not immune from danger. Though things are dangerous in the U.S., in many ways the European landscape is worse as we enter an age of currency wars and tariff standoffs. This session will give the groundwork on what 2020 may hold in store.

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Wednesday, June 17

29062. Creative and Sound Techniques for Effective Debt Collection in Mexico
Speaker: Romelio Hernandez, Esq., HMH Legal
Your customer is not paying. He is far away in Mexico. Is there a proven strategy and distinct approach to collect in this region and avoid an uncollectible? Yes. Through actual case-studies you will learn the best practices and key techniques to improve your position and collect. Be smart, avoid mistakes that can cost you, and improve collections!

29072. Risk in Channels of Distribution in Mexico and Latin America
Speaker: Romelio Hernandez, Esq., HMH Legal                      
Can a sales agent or representative for Latin America sue you outside an American court? How easily can you terminate a distributor who is not performing? Will your domestic contract stand? Learn the various risks of selling internationally directly or through sales agents, distributors, subsidiaries, etc. Review your situation, plan accordingly, and avoid a disaster!

29082. I'm In Paris, Texas But My Stuff's In Paris, France - Credit and International Business Transactions
Speaker: Kevin Wiley, Esq., Hicks Law Group PLLC
The session will focus on how credit managers can secure their assets when their clients and/or assets are located in foreign countries. Topics will include: a discussion on various treaties affecting secured transactions; the impact of the trade war on global markets and secured transactions; and, navigating through Chapter 15 of the United States Bankruptcy Code for cases involving bankruptcies in foreign countries.

29092. Securitizing Assets Furnished to Latin American Projects
Speaker: Kevin Wiley, Esq., Hicks Law Group PLLC                      
Your company’s equipment and/or materials are being furnished to projects in Latin America. In this discussion we will identify the fundamentals of what should be included in credit applications for firms doing business in Mexico, Central America, and South America and the best ways to securitize assets subject to international business transactions. We will also discuss how parties affected by international treaties, taxation, and efforts of protectionism/nationalism can use the power of the United States Federal Courts and International Courts to enforce contractual obligations.

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