NACM's Lead Generation Service

How our Lead Generation service works:

  1. Choose and pay for your Lead Generation package.
  2. Download the Conference App to your smart phone or tablet. (Available for download one week before the conference. Email announcements, with personal login, will be emailed to all exhibitors.) 
  3. Open the App menu and choose the Lead Generation listing at the bottom. (Only exhibitors who pay for the lead generation service and are designated will have access.)
  4. Once open, simply use the scan feature to scan the QR code on a delegate’s badge or input the four-digit PIN code on the badge.
  5. The delegate’s information is captured. Notes can be entered and saved for each lead.

Your main exhibitor company contact will be emailed an Excel file containing the leads collected by the staff you designated approximately one week after the conference ends. The file will contain contact information and the notes saved.

Lead Generation costs:

Service costs are based on the number of users from your company that collect data and are included on your comprehensive report.

On Site Pricing
(After May 18th)

1 user - $209 each
2-4 users - $164 each
5+ users - $144 each

Perks of using the Credit Congress App Lead Generation service

- You no longer have to pick up or return your scanning device… as long as you have a smart phone or tablet with you, you can collect leads.

- You can now take notes to accompany a specific lead. Add information to reference in post-conference follow-up.

- Use your list of contacts within the App to send in-app messages during the conference. Start your follow-up on site by setting a meeting time, dinner appointment or just saying thank you for stopping by the booth.

You must designate the users from your company. Only those people provided will have access to the lead generation service. Changes to your designated staff may be made up to the start of the show.

Bottom of Form

Only exhibitors who pay and are designated will have access to the service.

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