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Educational sessions are denoted as one of the following based on presenters’ view of their content:

I = INTERMEDIATE(Best suited for those with a cursory knowledge of a subject.)

A = ADVANCED(Applicable to those with a working knowledge of the subject, providing a more in-depth exploration of the topic.)

Sunday, June 11


25519. Overview & Introduction of FCIB Benefits & Resources

Come learn about the many benefits and resources available through NACM’s international division, Financial Credit & International Business (FCIB). FCIB provides everything the international credit professional needs for success, including publications, webinars, online courses, freshly investigated international credit reports, a professional certification program and much more. This session will share the opportunities and options just a click or call away to help credit professionals grow globally.


25510. First Time Attendee Orientation

Take the first step in maximizing on your Credit Congress attendance. Join other first time conference attendees, as well as conference veterans, as the Credit Congress journey begins. 


Monday, June 12


25516. General Session

Featured Speaker: Scott Stratten
Valid for .15 CEUs and CCE Recertification Points

Scott Stratten, president of Un-Marketing, is one of the world’s leading speakers when it comes to helping audiences embrace the age of disruption. Formerly a music industry marketer, national sales training manager and a professor at the Sheridan College School of Business, he ran one of the most successful viral video agencies in the world for nearly a decade. Scott has spoken to companies such as PepsiCo, IBM, Microsoft, Saks Fifth Avenue, Deloitte and Fidelity Investments.

He has written four best-selling business books, including “UnSelling: The New Customer Experience,” which 800-CEO-READ named sales book of the year in 2014. Scott will discuss the concept of UnMarketing, as explained in the third edition of his book, “UnMarketing: Everything Has Changed & Nothing Is Different.” He speaks passionately on the ever-changing world of sales and marketing and how they merge in the online and offline world. He recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine,, and Fast Company. Additionally, Scott was named one of America’s 10 Marketing Gurus by Business Review USA.

After the General Session, Scott will sign copies of his book in the NACM Expo booth.


25520 The Changing Face of Global Business Risk         A

Panel: Paul Kunzer, Divisional Executive-Trade Credit, AIG; Doug Collins, Regional Director Risk Services-Americas, Atradius; Ryan Cummings, Interim Head Short Term Multi-Buyer Trade Credit, Zurich Credit & Political Risk; and Amy Shinkman, Director – Trade Finance & Insurance Division, EXIM Bank

Political and economic uncertainty abounds across the globe, propelled by governing party changes; undecided trade agreements or tariffs; and divergent monetary and interest rate policies.  The unpredictability of trade flows and dramatic swings in currency valuations and interest rates make it extremely difficult to calculate the “true cost and risk premium” of future export transactions. A panel of business credit insurance issuers will share their insights about the global uncertainty and their view of future trends.

25521. Economic Outlook 2017      I

Speakers: Chris Kuehl, PhD, Armada Corporate Intelligence; and Amy Crews Cutts, Equifax
The world will soon get a sense of what the Trump administration’s priorities will be for the next four years. New issues will emerge onto the economic landscape amid expectations for higher interest rates and more inflation. Economists Chris Kuehl and Amy Crews Cutts will share what changes they see in store for the U.S. and global economies and where they believe the economies are headed.

25529. The Role of Corporate Credit Ratings      I

Speakers: Paul Hsi, S&P Global Market Intelligence; and Michael Weaver, Fitch Ratings

With the emergence of BIG DATA, there are many tools and resources available to assist credit professionals with qualifying and quantifying the risk associated with their portfolios. In this session, the role that a corporate credit rating can play in the risk decision process will be explored along with an explanation of how a credit rating differs from a credit score. Join representatives from the leading ratings companies to learn about how and what data they use to generate a credit rating for a company or country and how this industry is changing to improve their models.


25530. Five Nations that Matter to the U.S.      I

Speaker: Chris Kuehl, Ph.D., Armada Corporate Intelligence

The United States does business all over the world, but some states play a far greater role than others as export destinations, import sources, political enemies or as allies. Understanding U.S. relationships with Canada, China, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom will go a long way in understanding the U.S.’s economic future.


Tuesday, June 13


Sessions 25540-25547 are valid for .15 CEUs and CCE Recertification points.


25540. The Predictive Markers of Corporate Failures      A

Speakers: Dr. Donald van Deventer, Kamakura Corporation; and Timothy Bastian, ICCE, Western Oilfields Supply Company

A plethora of factors make it extremely difficult to understand or predict corporate failures. Factors run the gamut from declines in GDPs; shifts in the valuation of assets; changes in export volumes, ups and downs in outputs and demands for oil; rises in interest rates; and fluctuations in currency values. As a result, tried-and-true models to decipher solvency risks seem no longer reliable; this session will explore best practices given the ever-changing environment and how to avoid discrepancies.  


25541. Securing Credit Sales in Mexico      A

Speakers:  Romelio Hernandez, HMH Legal; and Darrell Horton, CICP, Aristocrat Technologies

When credit professionals conduct business in Mexico, it’s important to evaluate, assess and implement options or strategies that make transactions more secure. Creditors who attend this session will learn about the most common security devices and contracts available in Mexico and how to identify challenges and opportunities in each of these devices as well as how to prepare a cost-effective plan to implement them on future sales. The discussion will include title retentions, pledges, mortgages, guarantee trusts, consignments and pagarés.


25550. Global Hotspots: How to Do Business in Challenging Countries      A

Speakers: Donna Foy, CCE, ICCE, Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.; Lizbeth Rodriguez-Johnson, Esq., Holland & Hart LLP; John Molli, Marsh LLC; Luis M. Noriega, ICCE, Wells Fargo; and Carolyne Spackman, AIG

Credit professionals face numerous challenges as they position their companies to do business globally. Working through the top list of the toughest countries to do business in, a group of panelists will provide a 360-degree view of what to expect. The session will provide insights from a banker, an economist, a credit insurance broker and a U.S. compliance and regulations expert as credit executives guide the conversation about the challenges they face as they manage corporate credit portfolios.


Wednesday Morning, June 14


25560. Emerging Payment Systems and Disruptive Innovations in Financial Services      A

Speakers: Braden More and Luis M. Noriega, ICCE, Wells Fargo

Financial systems infrastructure is undergoing rapid change. What are the key emerging technologies that will enable greater speed, convenience and transparency in payments and in the broader financial services in our economy?  Will they reduce risk and increase security in transactions? Is the information around money as important as the money itself?  What is the speed of this transformation?  In addition to artificial intelligence and predictive analytics initiatives already in adoption today, R&D efforts by banks and other market participants are revolving around innovations such as distributed ledger technology (DLT or blockchain) and internet of things (IOT), which may provide a foundation for future commercial services.  Join our roundtable discussion on the future of our financial systems!

25568. Export Compliance: Sanctions, Embargos, Denied Parties      A

Speaker: Lizbeth Rodriguez-Johnson, Esq., Holland & Hart LLP

U.S. persons must comply with Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) regulations.  The U.S. Department of the Treasury, through OFAC, administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on U.S. foreign policy and national security goals.  Enforcement actions are taken against foreign countries and regimes, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers and those engaged in activities that threaten the national security, foreign policy or the economy of the United States.  Learn how sanctions and embargos are imposed and enforced based on specific U.S. foreign policy and national security goals.  Get guidance and learn about the due diligence steps necessary to avoid costly violations and/or imprisonment. It is recommended that you also attend session #25578 - Compliance: End Users, Due Diligence, Documentation & Best Practices.


25570. Derivatives 101: Risk Mitigation and Liquidity in Markets      A

Speakers: David Gopal, Luis M. Noriega, ICCE, and Ramon Espinosa, Wells Fargo

Risk professionals can appreciate not only the credit risk of their counterparties, but increasingly the market risk affecting underlying transactions. The use of derivatives (forwards, futures, swaps, etc) can mitigate price volatility in currencies, interest rates, credit and commodities. This roundtable discussion with active market practitioners will guide attendees through the basics of derivatives and their role in risk mitigation and liquidity; outline the primary exchanges involved; and explain key regulatory changes in the markets. Although the session is suitable for beginners and intermediate members, advanced members will find refreshed information on the dynamic changes that affect these instruments.

25578. Export Compliance: End Users, Due Diligence, Documentation & Best Practices      A

Speaker: Lizbeth Rodriguez-Johnson, Esq., Holland & Hart LLP

Learn about the authority of the Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC), as well as authority granted by specific legislation, to impose controls on transactions and freeze foreign assets under U.S. jurisdiction. Many sanctions are based on United Nations and other international mandates, are multilateral in scope and involve close cooperation with allied governments.   Learn about the best practices of maintaining documentation in the event of an audit or an enforcement action that may involve a supplier or a customer. It is recommended that you also attend session #25568 - Export Compliance: Sanctions, Embargos, Denied Parties. Attendees do not have to attend one in order to attend the other.


Wednesday Afternoon, June 14


25580. Export Letters of Credit: The Basics      I

Speaker: Louis Tierno, Fulton Financial Corporation

Export letters of credit (LCs) are an efficient means of payment and a reliable means of credit assurance. However, noncompliant documents can substantially delay payment. This session will explore the details of unconfirmed LCs, confirmed LCs and standby LCs and will assist in sharpening your understanding of letters of credit. Learning objectives for this session include, how to accelerate cash flow and streamline trade, the nuts and bolts of the LC process, how to avoid discrepancies and how to make LCs an effective payment mechanism.

25581. The Future of U.S. Trade Deals      A

Speaker: Kimberley Claman, Citi

President Donald Trump campaigned for better trade agreements, but for which agreements and with whom? The Trans-Pacific Partnership will likely not advance, while the North American Free Trade Agreement could get a rewrite. And what will happen regarding economic restrictions and sanctions against Cuba, Iran or Russia? Will Trump’s administration address currency manipulation, especially against countries such as China? This session will explore key issues and likely scenarios that could affect the future of trade for the United States.


25590. Export Letters of Credit: Advanced Workshop      A

Speaker: Louis Tierno, Fulton Financial Corporation

Bring your questions and concerns about letters of credit (LCs). This session will give credit professionals an opportunity to share the experiences and issues they face when using letters of credit, in an interactive workshop setting. Building upon the basics of letters of credit, participants will work together to share tips and ask questions with guidance from a banking professional. Advanced concepts, such as financing, structuring and risk mitigation techniques, will be discussed. It is recommended that before attending this session participants have experience working with LCs or attend session #25580 - Export Letters of Credit: The Basics.

International Continuing Education Units (ICEU)

For those holding FCIB’s ICCE designation, you can earn recertification points by attending designated Credit Congress sessions. ICEU points are calculated as one education point equal to one hour of continuing education.