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#1 Reason to Attend: Unsurpassed Education Sessions

FCIB @ Credit Congress offers a dozen compelling and relevant educational sessions from which you may choose. Ranging from the fundamentals to more sophisticated, challenging subjects. Based on your experience, interests and goals, tailor a conference agenda that is most applicable and affords the greatest return to you and your company.

Session Pre-Registration
If you have already registered for the conference, please help us by indicating the sessions you think you may be attending. Using the link below, choose the sessions you currently plan to attend. You are not obligated to attend these sessions but session pre-registration does assist us in designating the appropriate rooms and seating arrangements for each session. We appreciate your help!

Selecting Sessions
Depending on prior experience or knowledge of a subject, session levels, when not looked at in conjunction with the description, may be subject to personal interpretation. Please be sure to read each session description carefully when choosing one to attend, as there is much to be learned in every presentation.

Educational sessions are denoted as one or more of the following based on the presenter’s view of their content:

Presents material or topics at an introductory level or covers a topic in a more general manner.

I = Intermediate
Best suited for those with a cursory knowledge of a subject.

A = Advanced
Applicable to those with a working knowledge of the subject, providing a more in-depth exploration of the topic.

O = Overview
Provides a general review of a subject area from a broad perspective or reviews several subjects and may be appropriate for professionals at all levels.

U = Update
Presents a review of new developments and is best suited for those with some knowledge of a subject wishing to remain current.

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Monday, May 20

Concurrent Educational Sessions
Sessions 28020-28027 are valid for .125 CEUs and ICCE Recertification Points.

28021. Current Conditions and Outlook in Global Credit Markets    U
Speaker: Ed Altman, Ph.D., New York University
Most credit market analysts assume that the world is still in a benign credit cycle. But how long can we expect this cycle to last and what will be the consequences when the cycle turns to a more stressed environment? Dr. Altman, father of the Altman Z-score, reviews a number of his concerns about the current benign credit cycle and evidence of the enormous buildup in global debt levels, especially in the nonfinancial corporate sector. He will explore the latest data on default and recovery rates, yield spreads and liquidity in the leveraged financed markets.

28025. Finding the Dark Cloud Behind the Silver Lining    O
Speaker: Chris Kuehl, Ph.D., Armada Corporate Intelligence
There is a reason economics is referred to as the Dismal Science. Economists can never just sit back and enjoy the ride. The last few years have been exceptionally good in terms of growth and employment and the like, but this has come at a price. When do we start paying for all this with higher inflation, bigger deficits and expanded debt? Is 2019 the year we face the consequences from trade wars and other skirmishes? Does any of this change the world of the credit manager? Of course it does! We can talk about how.

Concurrent Educational Sessions
Sessions 28030-28037 are valid for .125 CEUs and ICCE Recertification Points.

28035. How Are the Other Four Doing?    U
Speaker: Chris Kuehl, Ph.D., Armada Corporate Intelligence
The five biggest economies in the world are the U.S., China, Germany, Japan and the U.K. All have their share of challenges. How is China handling the trade war, will Germany be the same without Merkel, has Japan turned a corner or is deflation still a threat and what will the U.K. really be like after Brexit? For U.S. firms that do international business, the majority is done in these four. What does the future hold for them and what will that mean for the U.S.?

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Tuesday, May 21

Concurrent Educational Sessions
Sessions 28040-28047 are valid for .15 CEUs and ICCE Recertification Points.

28040. Navigating Trade Deals and Tariffs    A
Speakers: Doreen Edelman, Esq. Lowenstein Sandler LLP; Karen Gerwitz, World Trade Center Denver; and Chad Hart, Iowa State University
Today’s trade environment remains volatile, making it challenging and critical that companies understand how the ever-changing trade landscape impacts them. Credit departments need to understand how treaties and tariffs affect them and their customers and with whom responsibility lies.

Concurrent Educational Sessions
Sessions 28050-28057 are valid for .25 CEUs and ICCE Recertification Points.

28050. Global Hotspots: How to Do Business in Challenging Countries    A
Moderator: Robin Walters
Panelists: Jay Tenney, Trade Risk Group; Luis Noriega, ICCE, Wells Fargo; Lizbeth Rodriguez-Johnson, Esq., Reed Smith; and Byron Shoulton, FCIA Management Company, Inc.
Back by popular demand. Panelists will provide a 360-degree view of what to expect in some of the toughest countries in which they do business. The session will include insights from a banker, an economist, a credit insurance broker and a U.S. compliance and regulations expert as credit executives guide the conversation about the challenges they face as they manage corporate credit portfolios. The session will also include a working break that will provide an opportunity for networking.

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Wednesday Morning, May 22

Concurrent Educational Sessions
Sessions 28060-28067 are valid for .15 CEUs and ICCE Recertification Points.

28060. Conducting a Credit Investigation in Mexico    I
Speaker: Romelio Hernandez, HMH Legal
This session, built around several actual fraud cases, will highlight the importance of conducting a thorough credit investigation on sellers in Mexico, include valuable resources to help conduct credit investigations and provide the steps and best practices to follow.

28065. Using Predictive Default Models in Credit Dashboards    A
Speaker: Martin Zorn, Kamakura Corporation
Portfolio management (credit risk management) is different late in the business cycle and by many measures we are currently late in the cycle. The speaker will explain how predictive or quantitative models can be used as an early warning sign (a flashing yellow light if you will) to help a credit manager focus on where risks may be emerging and where they should do a deeper dive on the financial performance and risks with their counterparty. The tool used is the inverted default curve where short-term risk is greater than long-term risk. You will learn why this is an important tool late in the cycle.

Concurrent Educational Sessions
Sessions 28070-28077 are valid for .15 CEUs and ICCE Recertification Points.

28070. Managing Shared Service Center Challenges and Best Practices    I
Speakers: John LaRocca, CICP, Hitachi Vantara Corporation; Val Venable, CCE, Ascend Performance Materials; and Brett Wegner, Cargill, Inc.
Depending on where they are in the world, shared service centers can operate differently and each can have its own set of challenges. Hear from credit professionals about how they manage those challenges and the best practices they have developed to make them efficient and run smoothly.

28072. The Dragon and the Bull Market    I
Speaker: Kevin Wiley, Esq., Hicks Law Group PLLC
This session addresses how a potential trade war with China could impact the bull market in the construction industry. The speaker will discuss the impact of tariffs on the steel and concrete industries, the dangers of providing credit to firms contracting for international projects and, finally, securing collateral with firms doing business internationally.

28076. Secured Transactions in Latin America    A
Speaker: Romelio Hernandez, HMH Legal; and Ty Knox, ICCE, EFCO Corp.
Before you sell into Latin America’s most challenging markets you need to know how to assess, choose and implement the correct security devices to best protect your transactions. Learn how secured transactions in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico can enhance a creditor’s position against debtors; how security devices in these countries compare with those available to creditors in the U.S.; and what transactions or situations present unique or additional risks.

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Wednesday Afternoon, May 22

Concurrent Educational Sessions
Sessions 28080-28087 are valid for .1 CEUs and ICCE Recertification Points.

28080. Conducting International Due Diligence    I
Speakers: Tim Bastian, ICCE, Western Oilfields Supply Company dba Rain for Rent; Jonathan Clark, Export-Import Bank of the United States; John Leonard, Deloitte FAS; and Cynthia Wieme, CCE, ICCE, MICM
Credit reports will only get you so far. Even if they are not manually pulling together the information, credit managers need to understand where agencies are pulling information and how to assess it. Failing to conduct timely and thorough credit investigations can lead a company down the rabbit hole when it comes time to collect on a debt. Learn about some of the common due diligence pitfalls and how to avoid them, how to supplement information found in credit reports and what steps to take to conduct a comprehensive credit investigation.

Concurrent Educational Sessions
Sessions 28090-28097 are valid for .1 CEUs and ICCE Recertification Points.

28090. Communicating Across Cultures    I
Speakers: Cynthia Wieme, CCE, ICCE, MICM; Sandi Langdon, CPA, CMA, CCE, ICCE, Clariant Corporation; and Val Venable, CCE, Ascend Performance Materials
Learn how to navigate communication challenges due to cultural differences. Presenters will share tips and techniques for communicating with customers and team members from other countries and cultures.

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Continuing Education Units (CEU)

The continuing education units have been awarded in accordance with the standards recommended by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). The CEU is a nationally recognized unit designed to provide a record of an individual’s continuing education accomplishments. One CEU is awarded for each 10 contact hours of instruction.

For those holding FCIB’s ICCE designation, you can earn recertification points by attending designated Credit Congress sessions. CEU points are calculated as one education point equal to one hour of continuing education.


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