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Session Descriptions


8:30–5:00pm 22000-22004. Certificate Course: Business Credit Principles
22080-22084. Certificate Course: Financial Statement Analysis 2


9:00–10:30am 22013. Super Session & Annual Business Meeting 

Featured Speaker: Jeffrey Ma    
Valid for .15 CEUs and CCE Recertification points
Jeff Ma is no stranger to Las Vegas, the risky side or the rewarding side. He was a member of the now-famous MIT Blackjack Team. He created method for counting cards—using talent, creativity, math and teamwork to win millions in Vegas. Detailing his experiences on the MIT Blackjack Team, Jeff is the subject of the bestselling book Bringing Down the House and the hit movie 21. He is also the author of The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big in Business, telling the story of how he went from the blackjack table to corporate business. In his presentation, Jeff will explain how to harness the power of numbers to make better bottom-line business decisions; decisions that are often the difference between winning and losing. With stories drawn from sports and Las Vegas, he clarifies how more meticulous attention to numbers will improve results. By focusing on hard facts and results, Jeff Ma has helped usher in what Newsweek calls “a new age of numbers in corporate America.”

Our Super Session speaker, Jeff Ma, is generously sponsored by Experian.


9:00am–5:00pm 22023. International Utility Group Meeting

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Sessions 22025-22032 are valid for .25 CEUs and CCE recertification points.

22025. UCC-1 Filings: From Getting
Started through Enforcement

Speakers: Karen Hart, Esq., Bell Nunnally & Martin LLP and
Greg Powelson, NACM’s Secured Transaction Services
Greg Powelson is the director of NACM’s Secured Transaction Services and has been speaking on the value of securing receivables since 1990. Karen Hart is a business attorney with over a decade of experience litigating complex commercial disputes. Through their personal stories and practical examples, you’ll feel energized and empowered as they take you through a fast-paced manager’s view of the practical benefits of becoming a secured creditor. From writing your security agreement and collateral description, through negotiating a secured position with your customer all the way to default, repossession and bankruptcy, this session can open your eyes and strengthen your position to maximize sales by reducing risk with your current and future customer base.

22026. Bankruptcy Reform Commission Hearing

exclusive opp 02Earlier this year, the American Bankruptcy Institute began hearings from its Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11. As its name suggests, the Commission’s purpose is to gather input from members of the insolvency community—from attorneys and judges to the financial sector—and ultimately present to Congress a proposal to overhaul a system that has not been touched since its enactment 30 years ago. The majority of the Commission’s members come from major law firms, but the commission also includes members from the financial services sector, the U.S. Trustees Office and retired Bankruptcy Judge Arthur Gonzalez, who handled the Chrysler bankruptcy case in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

We are excited and honored that the Commission chose the NACM Credit Congress as an appropriate venue in which to hold a field hearing! Please join us as fellow NACM colleagues give compelling testimony for changing or keeping parts of the Bankruptcy Code. Testimony will focus on our support of 503(b)(9), reclamation, preferences and other issues critical to the NACM community. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this historical event!

Follow-up sessions, allowing for delegate participation and comments, are scheduled in sessions 22062 and 22072.

22027. Five Barriers to Success: Beating the Odds
Speaker: Randy Tabor, Experian
Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be successful? Of course not! Yet sometimes success can be as elusive as hitting the jackpot on your first pull. If you want to discover five of the most challenging barriers to watch out for in the game of success, you won’t want to miss this interactive session. Even better, at the end of our time together, you will walk away with winning strategies to help you recognize these five barriers and avoid gambling with your success.

22028. The Electronic Credit Department
Speaker: Randall Lindley, Esq., Bell Nunnally & Martin LLP
The electronic world of credit is expanding! We are indeed moving toward the paperless office. Learning how to create electronic documents that are enforceable in court is the next mandate facing credit managers. We must adapt to the changing times. This session will present practical tips on how to create user-friendly electronic credit applications/account agreements, set up e-signature platforms for electronic documents, create user-friendly electronic guaranties, link the individual guarantor to the electronic guaranty, convince management of the importance of electronic documents, protect the confidentiality of your customer’s electronic information and effectively gather information from the Internet which supports credit decisions. In addition, this session will provide new and cutting-edge law on terms and conditions on a website link held enforceable and the latest cases on e-signature enforceability. Learn how e-contract formation is essential, from how the mouse is mightier than the pen to the latest cases interpreting the E-SIGN and UETA law. As a bonus, find out how to quickly and easily complete NACM’s electronic Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) survey.

22029. Moving Conversations Forward
Speaker: John Klymshyn, The Coach K Experience
When we find the need to communicate on higher levels, to gain agreement, connect and advance thoughts, ideas and conversations, we must have a process. Author, speaker and coach John Klymshyn will bring practical skills and powerful processes into focus during this interactive, lively and challenging session that will help participants Move Conversations Forward.

22030. Credit As a Profit Center cc13 intl icon
Panel: Angela Bradbury, ICCE,  Innospec Limited and Innospec Inc., Brenda Jalowiec, CCE, ICCE, Nidec Motor Corporation, Pam Krank, The Credit Department Inc. and Nancy Watson-Pistole, CCE, ICCE, FoodOne, Division of Seafax, Inc.
Examine best practices and peer-tested methods derived from groundbreaking roundtable discussions on both sides of the Atlantic. Improve the productivity of your credit department for an increased appreciation of how professional credit management contributes to your company’s bottom line.

22031. Why Are Women So Strange and Men So Weird?
Speaker: Bruce Christopher, Bruce Christopher Seminars
At the heart of any business is relationships—between team members, customers and supervisors. Excellent communicators have better relationships at work and home. They climb the ladder of success more effectively and achieve greater success. It is no secret that communication runs our lives. This session will take a very hilarious look at how men and women think, speak and make decisions differently. So join this session to become a great communicator!

22032. The Compleat Financial Analyst
Speaker: Norman Taylor, CCE, NIIT Media Technologies LLC
(Compleat…the Olde English spelling borrowed from Izaak Walton’s book The Compleat Angler)
Delivered with clarity at a measured pace, this session thoroughly covers the basics of financial analysis, from amortization to GAAP to zero-coupon bonds. Emphasis will be given to suspect and marginal accounting practices that have been particularly troublesome to the credit community in recent years. Ample opportunity will be available for questions and review of areas with which people commonly struggle.


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