Call for Proposals

Tips for Getting Selected

1. New Material/Topics – Credit Congress is about sharing new information, new approaches, and best practices with the credit community. We have a responsibility to present fresh topics, cutting-edge subjects and essential resources; therefore, first priority will be given to never-before presented topics/presentations.

2. Focus on the topic at hand, not products or services. Attendees expect to learn how to build or expand upon their business credit knowledge—NOT listen to sales.

3. Attendees respect speakers with hands-on experience. DO submit people with practical, relevant experience from CEO on down. DO NOT submit sales or marketing people who want to promote a product.

4. Our goal is to feature speakers who are objective and dynamic, who will work with us to educate their peers. Where appropriate, include your competitors and customers in your proposal. We strive for unbiased, balanced sessions that bring together the best sources in the industry to speak on a specific topic, regardless of affiliation.

5. Be prepared to commit your speaker to the presentation. Once a given speaker is accepted, no substitutions will be allowed. Remember, that speaker's name is on the brochure and the web site, so we have to deliver what we publish.

6. Be prepared to deliver presentation materials on time. Late and changed materials will not be accepted. NACM reserves the right to replace any speaker who does not submit final materials on time. Late and changed materials are a significant source of audience dissatisfaction. Help us meet the customer's expectations.

If Your Proposal Is Accepted...

You agree to meet any deadlines including agreeing to provide an electronic copy of your presentation. You may not be permitted to speak if we have not received and reviewed your presentation in advance of the conference. Our audience expects quality presentations and they deserve to hear from speakers who have put time and effort into their sessions.